November 2nd, 6:00-9:00pm!

Every first Thursday of the month from 6:00-9:00pm, Art Attack SF invites Bay Area artists to create small-scale artwork in our gallery during the Castro Art Walk! These local artists―each working in a different medium―will be available during the event to answer questions and share their creative practice with attendees. Artwork made during the event will be available for purchase upon completion. Art Attack SF does not receive a commission of these artwork sales. If you have any questions or are interested in being a participating artist, please email us at

Participating November artists include:
-Cat Sommer @catsommerartist
-Genny Stems @gennymca
-Holly Coley @hollycoley
-Norio Fujikawa @noriofujikawa

Spark Arts hosts a new local artist each month. Join us on the first Thursday of every month to meet our featured artist during the Castro Art Walk! Refreshments will be served.


My painting practice is fundamentally an exploration of surface through pattern, color, and texture. I have a magpie-like attraction to bright, colorful, decorated objects, but an orderly mind, a love for the grid and a strong schooling (from my architectural design studies) to mistrust the superficial. These contradictory urges come together in my paintings. I work in many layers of acrylic media, starting with a repeating fabric design at the base and adding elements both rigid and planned (geometric stencil repeats) and loose and unplanned (drips, washes, crackled layers). Abstracted floral forms and decorative elements make an appearance, like dreams of old-fashioned textiles. With these paintings, I celebrate the surface.
-Heather Robinson


Heather studied architecture at Texas A&M University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which gave her a love of structure and a fascination with how people choose to decorate the spaces and things around them. She has an indiscriminate love of pattern and color, adores the handmade and the accidental, and has a great fondness for the imperfect. Beginning her art practice in collage and mixed media, she transitioned to painting to have more control over colors and materials. Since 2007, she's been painting in her tiny studio within a gallery in the Mission Bernal neighborhood of San Francisco. She's a professionally-trained baker and enjoys travel as often as she possibly can manage it, studying foreign languages and collecting vintage (ie loud) neckties.

Josh Coffy will be setting up his easel at Local Take so we can all watch his magic happen! 

At The Apothecarium this Thursday evening from 6-9PM: "Social Imprint" by Morris Eaddy.

Using online social media and the people and places that surround him as source material, MeArt creates graphics that represent the community he lives in. Influenced by street artists and trouble makers, his accentuated point-of-view and viewer perspectives showcase the things he encounters in everyday life. Using pen and ink, paint, markers, and anything else he can get his hands on, his figurative and expressive illustrations result in paintings, screen prints, stickers, stencils, wheat pastes and t-shirts that reflect the life he lives.

Social Imprint provides glimpses into the online media imagery that has made an impact on his mind. He looks at the world from a different perspective and uses this as a mirror to point out the beauty in all things. Popular culture and an urban aesthetic form a base from which he builds upon to create these figures that are often trapped in his mind.

Castro Art Walk