Event Listing: April 4th Castro Art Walk

Castro CBD sponsors live music in Jane Warner Plaza from 6-7pm. This month’s musical guest is Be.Musical.

Art Attack SF, 2358 Market St. Ste. 1

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Apothecarium, 2029 Market St.


"“Recollect” - Art by Anita Drieseberg


These pieces are from an ongoing project creating digital paintings on an iPad. I use an obscure and outdated app called “Layers” to manipulate found or donated photos. I spend a great deal of time searching for images that inspire me. The grainier and more worn out the better. I love to bring them back to life with my own slant. I feel sometimes I am almost more of a curator than an artist. Collecting long lost imagery, and reintroducing them to the world. When painting humans, I sometimes remove the heads to make the images more universal. With a head it’s a portrait, without a head it’s anyone and everyone. I’m attracted to images from the 60’s and 70’s. They remind me of my parents. My childhood. I was adopted as an infant in 1966 and as a result have struggled with a bit of an identity crisis. Sometimes feel I have been trying to find myself in the images I am creating. My mother’s shoes. My father’s suit. My auntie’s hairdo. The stewardesses I met that time we went on a plane. The toys and animals I played with. The things I loved as a child and still collect. These images are me trying to recollect things that were mine, and things that never were.


Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Drysdale Properties is hosting BHHSDP agent and artist Brook Casey.

Blush! Wine Bar, 476 Castro St.

Instagram: @HellShopClub

Instagram: @HellShopClub

Christopher Lee

(enclosure, encasement, entrapment)
Idea that an individual is contained wholly within either the semen (animalculism) or the egg (ovism) and that as a homunculus it unfolds upon fertilization. Aka Preformation Doctrine.
The root of origin upon thought and cross reference between the action and theory of encasement provide visual contrast. Emotional and philosophical interpersonal conversation. Preservation and the exposure presents the evident existence along with the death of an idea.
Heavily designed imagery and format will expose the contemporary accessibly to the art work giving a platform to deconstruct easily, either subconsciously or consciously.

Brewcade, 2200 Market St. B


Brewcade hosts permanent installations by Kate Wakeman and a group of artists led by Don Fluitt

Dog Eared Books, 489 Castro St.

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Flore on Market, 2298 Market St.


Join Flore’s resident crafter, Llano River Blue for hands-on arts and crafts, strike a pose at our new selfie station, and relax with a uniquely crafted drink and appetizer!

IXIA, 2331 Market St.

IXIA is hosting local artist Rick Griggs.

Local Take, 3979 17th St.

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Norden Living, 3618 17th St.

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Ruby's Clay Studio & Gallery, 552A Noe St.

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Skin on Market, 2299 Market St. Ste. C

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Spark Arts, 4229 18th St.

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STAG & MANOR, 2327 Market St.

"Found" Portraits

Based primarily on found vintage images, my "Found" portraits give new meanings and contexts to old images! This body of work in oil and silver metal leaf attempts to find a language that is both ancient and modern- a portraiture for the 21st century. Metal leaf can connote religious iconography, but using silver also refers to early days of photography (silver nitrate) and the "silver screen" of 20th century America.

Move around the room - let the silver pick up the ambient light and reflect it back to you in a magical aura unlike anything you've ever seen. Then stare into the figure's eyes -- as otherworldly as the light around the figure is, the soul of the figure still dominates in an image both vintage and contemporary.

About the Artist

Award winning artist, Paul Morin's portraits are in public and private collections around the world. His portrait of Barack Obama titled “Profile in Hope,” was presented to the president in the Oval Office in 2010. Paul combines a traditional technique with a modern sensibility – images that confront the viewer and with a sense of scale that is very individual.

With empathy and humor, Paul's work celebrates the human spirit and captures the unique look and expression of each sitter - honoring the individual quirkiness that makes each person the human they are! Paul delves into the personality of his subjects much like a candid snapshot reveals the moment-specific projection of a person's inner thoughts. His commissioned portraits bring an immediacy to his subjects revealing an inner life that truly makes the sitter “come alive!”

STAG & MANOR, located at 2327 Market, is a San Francisco-based modern home furnishings and decor shop with a global perspective and a humanitarian spirit; sourcing unique minimalist crafts and arts from all around the world as well as from the local community, and persistently in search of artisans advancing the definitions of modern design while reinterpreting heritage materials and techniques.

The Artist's Gallery, 4406 18th St. Ste. A


The exhibition space at THE ARTIST’S GALLERY is intimate and welcoming, providing visitors with the perfect atmosphere to stroll through and enjoy the artwork currently on display. We believe individuals should have access to artand culture in their daily lives.   We also take pride in our support of local artists.

 THE ARTIST’S GALLERY is affiliated with ANLG IMPORTS INC., an importer of Italian fine art.

THE ARTIST’S GALLERY offers 40% select pieces during the Castro Art Walk!


Traci Hollander’s State Farm office will be showcasing work by Keith Hollander.

Castro Art Walk