Events during the April 5th Castro Art Walk from 6-9pm

2358 Market St. Ste.1

Art Attack SF is proud to present “Into the Wild,” a rotating group exhibition of works by 47 California-based artists on view April 5th - June 2nd, 2018. Inspired by nature, these works share a connection to nature via subject matter or materials used in appreciation of Earth Month.

Celebrate the opening reception and Art Attack SF’s year anniversary (in the Castro) on Thursday, April 5th from 6-9pm during the Castro Art Walk!

Works on view by 47 California-based artists: Ahran Lee, Alice Koswara, Alison Ye, Almost Surely Studio, Anais Lera, Angela Tannehill, Annie Walker, Bethany Eden, Cat Sommer, Catherine Gutierrez, Chad Berwald, Cheryl Sorg, Denise Dmochowski, Dianne Hoffman, Dyanna Dimick, Elizabeth Scarborough, Eric Joyner, Gabriel Leonoudakis, Harumo Sato, Jennifer Banzaca, Jennifer Maria Harris, Jeremy Novy, John Boychuk, Joshua Coffy, Jun Yang, Linda Larson, Lyla Warren, Madeleine Buck, Madeleine Sandrolini, Matthew Robertson, Michelle Waters, Molly Kars, Natasha Tsozik, Norio Fujikawa, Olga Kleytman, Pauline Crowther Scott, Rikki List, Rinat Goren, Ruth Santee, Shawnee Gao, Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Stephanie Lue Yen, Taiko Fujimura, Usha Shukla, Yuanyuan Ling, Zebulon Goodell, and Zsalto.

4229 18th St.

Ronit Hendels’ exhibit “Gate of destiny” at Spark Arts shows a journey of struggle to find a form of expression in a new country. Ronit moved to San Francisco in 2016 to be with the love of her life. She had always lived in Israel and had not yet been in the situation where English was the main language. During her first year, at a time when everything is new, finding herself far from family, friends, and anything known, it was hard to find a way to express her inner turmoil. She needed a way to communicate her thoughts and feelings and all that was happening on the inside.

3979 17th St.

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V by Viscera is an all natural beauty line and they will be joining us for a product pop-up. Now's your chance to try out all their wonderful minimalist plant-based beauty products at Local Take!

2299 Market St.


Sound Sleep Cocoon Launch

Join us for the launch of our newest innovation. The sound sleep cocoon harnesses the power of nature with science to promote sound sleep and healthy radiant skin. Enjoy art from a local artist, complimentary face fit treatments, beverages and treats. You will also receive a 15% discount on any new product you add your regimen.

4406 18th St. Ste. A

The Artist's Gallery is offering 20% - 40% discounts on select art pieces!

3618 17th St.

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Norden Living's featured artist is Paul Fortin.  The show is called "Unmasked" and features paintings, water color, and sculpture.
More information here.

440 Castro St.

440 Castro resident artist Pete Doolittle will be returning with his 13 year retrospective including several pieces from 440's permanent collection and many new pieces for sale to the general public.

552A Noe St.

The night of the April Castro Art Walk is also the opening night of BOWLICIOUS, Ruby's annual fundraising event. Handmade, one-of-a-kind bowls for as far as the eye can see, all starting at $25. We construct an entire wall of bowls for the event (it's really spectacular and you should definitely come see it). The gallery will be filled with bowls (and a few mugs). It's a once-a-year event and our Ice Cream Social gets crowded. The Social is that Sunday, April a bowl and get a free ice cream sundae). Hope to see you there!

2124 Market St

Blackbird Bar's current exhibition features the works of Elliott C Nathan.

2200 Market St

Cityscape. Don Fluitt led a group of artists to create this piece showing the diversity of our city.

Cityscape. Don Fluitt led a group of artists to create this piece showing the diversity of our city.

Katie Wakeman's bold and bright pieces are on permanent display at Brewcade.

Katie Wakeman's bold and bright pieces are on permanent display at Brewcade.

Brewcade hosts permanent installation by Kate Wakeman and a group of artists led by Don Fluitt.


Don Fluitt leads a team of artists to create the Cityscape piece.The microchips and circuit boards I use in my work have always reminded me of buildings and cities so I jumped at the chance to work on the cityscape for Brewcade. There is a paradoxical aspect of assemblage art in taking an object intended for a particular purpose and using it to make something completely different. It's all about imagining possibilities and then bringing those visions into reality.

The Cityscape is a collaborative assemblage work that includes the work of six different artists (Aileen Cormack, Catherine Daley, Don Fluitt, Jenny Harp, Kyle Nahas, and Monty Monty). The unique style in each artist's work is meant to reflect the architectural diversity in the city itself.

Katie Wakeman

Katie Wakeman was fortunate enough to be born into a long line of artists and it is not surprising that she was already an accomplished metal sculptor and welder at the tender age of twenty-two. Before she could hold safety scissors or operate glue stick, she would spend hours looking at her father’s art books. It was this early introduction to design that helped her on her path to inspiration and subsequent success.

2029 Market St

Steve Piasecki is a bay area artist working in photography and video. His influences and inspirations come from dreams, visions, somatic experiences, and nature. His photography has been published internationally. Born in Iowa, Steve studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received a BFA in photography and computer graphics in 1992. He has lived and worked in San Francisco since 1993. His photography work focuses on the enchanting beauty of flowers, the role of insects, and images from dreams. With those sources as a basis, he creates mandalas for meditation and to contemplate how the world is reflected and revealed all around us.


Jane Warner Plaza

Live music by Kitten on the Keys

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